Monday, 8 September 2014

Color Elixir By Maybeline Review

Hey Guys !

Today I am going to review 3 gorgeous lip products, the Color Elixir by Maybeline. I just fell in love with those lipgloss - lipstick. They are truly a great discovery and also budget friendly. I am going to swatch it for you and give you as many details as I can.

So the 3 colors I have are Celestial Coral, Raspberry Rhapsody and Fuchsia Flouris. Those are for me the 3 top one, even though I would like to get my paws on several more colors. But as it is really ridiculous to own so many colors of the same products (or not, it is just a matter of perspective to be fair) I had to choose and be a good girl.

Those lip products are hard to categorize, it's a not a lipstick, not a lipgloss, not balm. It's all combine together with such a great pigmentation and lasting effect. A huge amount of blogger/ youtuber agreed on the fact that they don't last but I don't agree. The shine effect will go of course but the color will stay so your lips will keep the pigmentation of the colors for hours, it looks so natural and juicy. A real pleasure to wear.

The Angora brush is such a luxury, the application is fast and easy. In less than 5 seconds your gloss is on, you don't even need a mirror at some point. Such a great quality product! Those babies also come in 20 different shades, such a nightmare for me, I want them all!

Celestial Coral

Such a great pinky - peach coral. Very bright and pigmented, this is the perfect color to wear with everything on every occasion. Honestly, how can you ever go wrong with a peachy color ?

This one is not the brightness of the collection, but it is not sparkly, it's a color block and can be worn with a more matt lipstick underneath is you want a more dramatic effect. But personally I wear it on it's own.

Fuschia Flouris

Such a great Bright pink color. It's not too fuchsia, not too pink as well. It is just enough to wear it on a daily basis. Such a nice shade. It is also a great color to wear now if you want to make summer last a little bit longer.

I would wear it more during the day rather than on a evening out but why not, I guess it depend on your outfit and make up. Also it is a very great color on it's own but you can add underneath a bright fuchsia lipstick if you want more pop on your lips!

Raspberry Rhapsody

Such a great name for my favorite of the collection. I have been wearing that color everyday since I got it. It is insane, I swear I will have to by another one at some point. I don't know but the color is so unusual for a lipgloss and for me, I never ever wear bright color like that but I don't know I guess I am in the mood for some changes.

Again that color is gorgeous on it's own, no need to add anything else in my opinion.

Price and offers 

In the Uk in terms of deals at the moment you can find them in boots on an offer 3 for 2 (so basically you get one free). Then superdrug as well got the same deal + another one which is 2 for £10. A bargain in my opinion, the product on it's own cost everywhere £6.99, what more can you ask ? Nothing more I think.

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