Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Easter Time - What a wonderfull time !

- Follow the White Rabbit -

Easter was really realxing for me. I had the week end off, worked on monday then 2 more days off. I am fully prepared for the upcoming days. It was really great compare to last year. 

Saturday I had the pleasure to take part in one of our workshop at work (Cath Kidston Piccadilly) and it was amazing. It was a Floral arrangement workshop and I learned a lot. My wedding is coming in a month now and I have learned few tips to take care myself of my wedding flowers so it was a really clever workshop. The lady of  Battersea Flower Station was lovely and really pleasant. The flowers (which I cannot still name because I am a lost cause when it comes to flowers) were incredible and so great for that easter week end. Even If that is not the colors I have chosen for my wedding it's definetly the flowers I want so that was really convenient. At the end I went home with a mug (yup a cath kidston stanley size mug) full of my sweet bouquet of flowers and a lemonade. My co-worker and amazing event and marketing assistant Jazmine was a star. Our workshops are free so it's a real plus, what more can you want to Brighten up your day ? Oh yes maybe pictures, see below.

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- Bonus Picture - 
Me and Jo My Store Manager featured on the official instragram of Cath Kidston.

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