Thursday, 3 April 2014


                                                       - Choose to be Happy -

Lately life has been kind with me. I cannot be happier and healthy in my mind. But someone told me one day that Happiness is a choice. Of course life is not black or white, some events may change our choices. Nevertheless we have to grab every moment and make it a happy memory. The silver linnings are in every steps we take and being aware of that is a huge achievement. So let's make a positive post and I want you guys, whoever you are to take a moment and write down 7 things that makes you happy. 


1. Baking, because I can be creative and see smiles on people faces when they taste it.
2. Photos, because they are memories.
3. Carousels, because it is my childhood and they just make me smile.
4. The people I love, because without them I wouldn't be who I am.
5. The color mint, because it represent spring and beautiful warm days.
6. Pancakes, because they are confy food for when I am sad.
7. Music, because I can loose myself.


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