Friday, 11 April 2014

Let's Party Like it's 1995

Last friday OMG they were back again. I had the blast of my life (Until my Wedding Day of course calm down). Yes you heard correctly, I saw the Backstreet Boys at the O2 a week ago. How can I explain my feelings ? Well I was 15 again and it was just amazing. To be fair, I know that you are probably laughing at me right now but I don't care because this group is a huge part of my life and I assume it no matter what. So it was 2 hours and a half of pure '90 songs and new one. I have a couple of pictures for you guys to enjoy so have fun! You will see they are just awesome. I was close to the stage "lucky me" but not enough "too bad" but that's alright because Nick Carter will be mine next time. Yeah I wish...;)


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