Saturday, 12 July 2014

It's Party Time In Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston 180 Piccadilly New A/W collection Party Launch

First of all I am pretty Happy to say that as a member of the team it's a privileged to work for the flagship store. Cath Kidston is a really great company to work for and it's always a pleasure to cover myself (as a blogger) the events we have in store.

So last thursday our store launched the new autumn/winter collection. It was a blast ! We were really pleased to offer you guys some bubbly prosecco and limonade but also some meringues made by the meringue girls (all served by myself for the first hour). A lovely DJ was there to rock the party (@hayleyrogueromer on instagram) and of course from 6pm a really clever instagram workshop was organized by Miss Jazmine Rocks our Flagship event and marketing Queen. Everything was well presented and I really thing that the instagram workshop was a great way to introduce our lovely customers to our new collection.

I have taken pictures all over the shop, the new display is just awesome. The theme of this winter is clocks, newspaper prints, thiefs and bright flowers. The shop has been transformed in a huge press like theme, it's unbelievable. We can warmly congratulate our visual team, the spirit is there. My personal favorite are the clocks, I was wearing proudly my skater style clock dress that night, a pure jewel I love it and it suit me so well. Well done Cath Kidston for all the improvement on the shapes of the dresses!

The event to me and many customers was a success. I can read all over the web comments like "why you only do that in london" or "please come to my town and do the same". Ok I agree it's not fair but we are doing it because it is the flagship store and that's what a flagship store is meant to be : a window to the world. I think we nailed it! I am really proud to say it, so now go go go and visit the website to have a quick look at our new marvelous autumn/winter collection.

Credits :
Instagram : @cathkidston_ltd or @180piccadilly 
Lemonade : Fentinams
Meringues :
Jazmine Rocks :


  1. Les petits policemen en laine sont trop mignoooooons!!!
    Le reste aussi , remarque mais moi, j'ai toujours une préférence pour les trucs cons !!! :p

    1. Si tu aimes les trucs cons (tout comme moi) tu ferais griller la carte bleue lol mon boulot est un poisom, c'est dur de ce retenir!