Friday, 18 July 2014

The TV Show Theory

Tell Me what you Watch, I tell you who you are

This past few years I realize that it's all about Tv Shows. Horror, fantasy, thriller, funny whatever you like is out there ready for you to be addicted to. I am from an old generation my little fellas. I used to watch Buffy (yup the vampire slayer), Charmed or Friends. I liked cool stuff even before it was cool like Star Trek, The X files or Code Quantum. But since the 90' Tv offered us so many more cool stuff, I've been addicted to a lot more things since then. I have watch Tv Show that didn't work at all like The secret circle, Alcatraz or Flash forward (but that can be a good subject for another blog post so let's talk about it later). So here is my top 6 Tv shows of all time, be prepared it's probably not what you are expecting (Yup, no Game of Throne, sorry). And you readers, what do you like?

That Tv show is a Gem. I just love Kevin Bacon to start with and watching him in a show it's quite weird because I am used to see him in movies but quite refreshing at the same time. I love that show, it's a thriller with a little bit of twisted horror. The plot is really great, actors are really good and every twists in the show are really awesome. Season 3 will begin next year I think, can't wait. I am not going to spoil or make any sum up of that show or any show, too easy. Go and google it.

Ahh Stephen King ! Hater are going to hate it. Critics are quite horrible with that show but I love it. I read years ago the book (in french) and my memories were quite far away (but my Mom spoiled everything by telling me the plot and the end on the phone, yeah my Mom is a nerd) so really good to discover the show. It's actually really different from the book, only the idea and some names are left in the scenario but it works for me. I got the book now in english to refresh my memories and I love it, there is nothing better than a Stephen King novel during summer. So season 2 is on going. Watch season 1 available from lovefilm amazon (for free on the trial version) if you want, for me it's a good show with great plots, season 2 got deeper in the plot so real things are happening. Good discovery, I read they have signed for 5 seasons of 12 episodes, horrray!!

The picture is actually from the next season, really interesting. Every season is different, alsmost same actors with new one and totally different story and characters. Love the concept, you are never bored! It's an horror tv show, so if you don't like blood and twisted mind just don't try. I love Jessica Lange, she is a marvelous talented actress, thanks that tv show, she is now back on screen. So you have 3 seasons to catch up. Let's start it now!

Ah True Blood. The last ever season is now on. I am so sad, it was my sweaty/sticky bloody tv show of summer. But I guess good things have to end one day. So exit cheesy twilight vampires and hello bloody (ah ah), sexy vampires. That is really unusual and the actors are fabulous, love everything even if it's again vampires and other weird creatures it work so well because it look so so real in a way. I will miss them but the show is coming to an end, Sookie Stackhouse I will miss you (even if you are a dumb blonde sometimes). 

Who doesn't like fairy tales ? Well if you are a true Disney & co fan, don't watch it because in a way that will spoil you everything in life. Love that show, even if all the fairy tales characters are linked together in a really weird way. Sometimes it's not what you are expected for exemple in season one an episode is all about the Mad hatter, clearly we don't care about Alice, let's hear the Mad hatter story. And you know what, that's what I like. It's different. Only thing that I don't like are the special effects, but I guess I am used to it right now and it doesn't even matter. So if you like Snow White, the Evil Queen, The little mermaid or even Peter pan. Get on and let's take a ride. Season 4 is expecting in september guys, so catch up quickly!

That's my funny moment. Love that show even if I hated it at first but I guess that only stupid people don't change their minds. I watch every single episodes and can't wait to have more of Sheldon's time. Since friends to be fare nothing was catching my laugh, since TBBT arrived in my life it's a different thing. The new season is coming up soon, it's been a while now so every fan is currently wondering if they are going to end it soon. Hope not but after 7 seasons, the show is getting tired so it's better sometimes to end it when everything is fine. Let's not get it lame please.

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