Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I'm Getting Married

It's a Vintage Fun Fair theme - let's have it Mint & Coral

Right so if you follow me on instagram you already know the news. But if you are new around, yup that's true in less than two month I am going to be a married Lady. The big day is coming pretty fast, I am going to said yes to mister Y the 24th of May in my hometown in France. It's not a big budget wedding, thanks God but still. Me and my other half are together for many years now so it's just another way to say "I Love You" to each other and get our families together. Plus, being far away from home is not an easy thing to cop with everyday so I think that this wedding is something that everyone close to us needed to have. 

I am going to have a "Vintage Fun Fair" theme, again we don't have any budget so it's just bits and bumps here and there. Even if it's not a big thing that will be our day, it need to be special in a way so I wanted to personalize it a little bit. In France we don't do theme, we have strong traditions but we don't like to spend money on things that we don't need so it's a bit hard to explain to my family that yes I want a theme and yes I want a certain kind of decorations. So I have to breathe everyday very deeply and deal with my sister, my best friend and of course my Mom. My Dad is not very happy, not because he doesn't like my other half, no no! Because as he said "I pay for the venue, deal with the rest, I don't want to hear anything". So yeah, getting married is not easy because everyone try to get involved in any way possible and so that is a big mess at the end.

But you know what, I am a happy Woman. They are all out of control but who cares, that's part of it otherwise there is no fun at all. So now about the details, I am getting a mint dress, it's a really stunning dress, I can't wait to wear it on that day, it was hard to find it but Horrrray! Mister Y got his suit, a grey one with mint touch everywhere. I still need to find my shoes though. We have got pretty much everything. The invitations are sent and the wedding favors all ready for me to fill out with marshmallows when I arrived (yeahhh 50 mini jar to fill !!! can't wait!).

I will try to make another wedding post in a month. I hope to get my shoes by that time. I am looking for mint one with heels of course and a vintage touch, any ideas ? I am deseparte, oh and not expensive please. Me difficult ? Nah just a Bridezilla ;)


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