Saturday, 8 March 2014

Battersea...Love it or Hate it !

Today was a Lazy day. I have spent my two days off working on several coming stuff. Like for example an House Warming event at work, yup I have to bake cupcakes and it is going to be Safari style so no time to rest at all. So today with Mr Y we have decided to be lazy. Our first stop was for a fish and chips and some italian meat in London Bridge because no one can beat the Borough Market, then we had a walk around Battersea area to finally arrived in Sloane Square to enjoy a Drink. Love those days off where you have nothing to do than enjoy life and Sun, because yes guys the sun was out in London today and as a bonus the weather was around 15°. Nothing more to say, I have to go to bed and die because I am exhausted. 


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