Thursday, 6 March 2014

Welcome to my world.

Hello World!

Well it's really hard to know exactly what to say. A first post is so important. What can I say ? Let's start with an easy one. My name is Allie, I am 27 and I currently live in London, almost 3 years in the big city! I love it and enjoy every minute. I can also add the fact that I am french so that made things a little bit more exciting no ? If not well, deal with it because I cannot change that fact. 

I am also a Baker and I work at the same time for a really lovely company. I am going to keep the mystery on that one because I cannot tell all my secrets at once. Let's say to describe me that I am a really bubbly blonde with a lot of energy, ambition and crazy ideas. I love baking pastries of course, my main specialities are cupcakes, cookies, madeleines and cakes in general. 

So this blog is about my life in London, my passions, my discoveries about the city and a lot of personal stuff. For example ? Well I am getting married in May to my beloved half that we are going to call Mister Y. We are going to celebrate 8 years of love with family and friends in the south of France, but again let's keep some fun and mystery for another article.

I am also a big fan of Music, Cinema, photography, art and dolls. Let me guess, you are currently wondering "wait, what, dolls ???" yeah, but it is probably not what you are expecting. So you are going to find this blog maybe a bit of mess, a bit eccentric or maybe a bit crazy but that will describe me. I am like that, me, Allie, 27 and ready to discover the world.

So be ready, Allie is ready for her big comeback and it is going to be loud.


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