Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My first Event - What a Blast!

So yesterday was double big day for me. We had a house warming party at my job in Cath Kidston (Yup I am a Cath Kidston Girl!) so this is the first big event, the launch of the new Safari collection was a real big deal so apparently we did good and everything was appreciated so well done to us.

But the other big event yesterday was that my own company "Allie's Cupcakes" was officialy launched at the same time. My lovely management team agreed to let me bring cupcakes as long as they were safari themed. So I made Giraffe - Lemon cupcakes, Zebra - chocolate cupcakes and pink polka dots - vanilla cupcakes to brighten up a bit those safari colors! Mini Cupcakes were also served as they are really appreciated at parties as well. 

It was overall a success for both event, my cupcakes were gone in less than 2 hours. I had conversations with a lot of lovely customers about the brand and my cakes and a bunch of business cards were taken so Allie is a Happy Allie right now. I couldn't be more happy right one. It's a lot of work but when you see that on instragram more than 600 persons liked your cupcakes picture, well it's a blast!


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