Thursday, 20 March 2014

Birmingham - A day Out in Nowhere -

- When there is nothing to say - It's better to say nothing -

Tuesday was a day out in Birmingham. Ok it wasn't the blast I was expecting but still I always try to see the bright side of every situation so in that case let's say that I took amazing pictures. I am not going to make a long post about that city (or town depend how you see it) because there is nothing much to say. The only thing there is the shopping center called the "bullring" but let's be honest, we have way better shops in London! But if you walk a little bit you can discover a lot of amazing places to take pictures. There is like a "student" area full of surprises so I let you enjoy the pictures. And if you are curious I went to Birmingham because the tickets were so cheap (50p return) so why not.

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